A simple and beautiful piece of wood.
To cut vegetables or serve as a cheese board or bring a succulent sushi maki to the table.
Or simply to feel nature close to us.

Made from ash or Beiras pine wood, with several measures. With extra virgin olive oil house produced and local beewax pre-treatment mix.
The cutting angle from the sides at 7 degrees helps with a more robust hold.
Designer : Daniel do Nascimento Production : 500 units. Designed and produced in Portugal inland pine forest BEIRA BAIXA.
DO NOT USE DISHWASHER, Before first use, wipe the entire board with a cloth soaked in vegetable oil. Do not place in the dishwasher. Wash by hand with neutral detergent. Moisturize regularly with vegetable oil.

15.00 45.00 


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Pine Wood, Ash Wood

CUT 15

15 x 15 x 3,5 cm, 0,5 Kg. aprox.

CUT 25

25 x 25 x 3,5 cm, 1,5 Kg. aprox.

CUT 50

50 x 25 x 3,5 cm, 3 Kg. aprox.