Buy Less.
Make it Last.
Not Quantity.

Mass-made production of objects with expiration dates because of quality or fashion trends contributes to excessive and often superfluous consumption.

Then comes the greenwash concept with the creation of FSC-type certificates that focus on massifying forest monoculture plantations, disrespecting and destroying its entire ecosystem…

How many so-called sustainability certificates must we have today to clear disposable mass-production companies?

A forest is a family of grandparents, parents, and children who share and communicate with each other, Mycorrhiza: the widest symbioses in nature. Once again, we are decimating communities and then restoring so-called sustainability.

The search for raw materials within our premises, using pruning wood, in the case of the olive trees, or a specific choice of trees, has not been an easy task, sometimes almost impossible when we use non-local wood, as in the case of ash wood, but we are convinced that one day this model will become a common practice.

Evangelize and encourage the sharing of knowledge and experiences for good practices.
Harmony with life between the intervening players like local forest owners’ community + lumberman´s + author + producer + seller + consumer.
Seek, create, produce and market author pieces using tradition and local raw materials like pine, cork and linen.

younger brother project

Family, friends and investors : a BIG thank you! for believing, patience and money invested.