Buy Less.
Make it Last.
Not Quantity.

Mass-made production of objects with expiration dates because of quality or fashion trends contributes to excessive and often superfluous consumption.

Then comes the greenwash concept with the creation of FSC-type certificates that focus on massifying forest monoculture plantations, disrespecting and destroying its entire ecosystem…

How many so-called sustainability certificates must we have today to clear disposable mass-production companies?

A forest is a family of grandparents, parents, and children who share and communicate with each other, Mycorrhiza: the widest symbioses in nature. Once again, we are decimating communities and then restoring so-called sustainability.

The search for raw materials within our premises, using pruning wood, in the case of the Persimmon or Olive trees , or a specific choice of trees, has not been an easy task, sometimes almost impossible when we use non-local wood, but we are convinced that one day this model will become a common practice.




The Company Daniel Nascimento Unipessoal Lda. was formally incorporated in July 2017 exclusively to build the PRIGUIZA project, created to face the abandonment and disinterest of our greatest legacy in this inland territory, the forest. Associate a design brand to the local raw material , rekindling the respect of the owners for their forest is the core.

Behind the project : Daniel do Nascimento ( dAN ) was born in Lisbon in 1966 into a portuguese inland Beira-Baixa region family.
He has a degree in Industrial Design, equipment and communication from the Escola Superior de Arte e Design, IADE, in Lisbon and later attended the design course at the Sociedade Nacional de Belas Artes

In 1990 he was a pioneer in the application of computer graphics to design and advertising at the Revolta das Máquinas atelier, continuing as art director at some advertising agencies in Lisbon, Timing-Aliance, Gilbert Doil, Grupo Barro, Tinta Invisível and ToolDesign in Macau…

In 1996, and for 12 years, he was co-responsible for the creation and management a startup, Spiffdesign at Science and Technology TagusPark, one of the first, if not the first that linked communication design with digital media. Spiffdesign received several national and international awards.

Later he created his studio, dAN dc, and developed multidisciplinary team-based design projects on the principle of a global network.

From 2013-2014, he headed the Design department at the communication agency F5C to deepen his knowledge in business and political communication marketing.

Alongside his design activity, in 2015, he became President and co-founder of the art gallery and cultural association Passevite, a project created to help promote emerging artists and designers to the market.

Today he applies his knowledge to PRIGUIZA, a project that aims to bring together designers and all the players associated with the creation, maintenance, and commercialization of the pine forest in the south interior Beira Baixa.

Encourage the sharing of knowledge and experiences for good practices.
Harmony with life between the intervening players like local forest owners’ community + lumberman´s + author + producer + seller + consumer.
Seek, create, produce and market author pieces using tradition and local raw materials like pine, cork and linen.

Family, friends and investors : a BIG thank you! for believing, patience and money invested.